Sample Presentation


November 26, 2001

I (We), the undersigned, hereby agree to purchase the following described property: (LEGAL DESCRIPTION) Crook County, Wyoming together with all improvements and appurtenances situated thereon or thereunto appertaining or belonging. Subject however, and on condition that the owner thereof has a good and merchantable title, in fee simple, and said owner or vendor agrees to furnish without delay a commitment for title insurance in the amount of the purchase price and convey or cause to be conveyed said premises by warranty deed.

As soon as possible after closing seller shall deliver to buyer the title insurance policy. The expense of title policy to be borne by seller.

I (We), agree to pay for same: (PRICE) on the following terms, to wit: (EARNEST MONEY) deposited herewith as evidenced by your receipt attached below and (BALANCE OF PURCHASE PRICE, LESS EARNEST MONEY.) at the time of closing. Possession of said premises shall be given me (us) at the time of closing. Seller shall pay all taxes and assessments up to and including date of closing. Property to be conveyed to me (us) or my (our) nominees clear of all encumbrances, liens, or special taxes, but subject to any building restrictions, easements, or reservations presently of record against said premises. If this proposition is accepted, I (we), agree to close the purchase on or before December 31, 2001, but only after delivery of title insurance commitment This offer is based upon my (our) personal inspection or investigation of the premises herein described and not upon any representations or warranties of conditions made by the seller or his agent It is understood and agreed that this agreement shall in no manner be construed to convey the premises, to create a lien thereon or to give any right to take possession thereof. The parties hereto agree that title company closing costs shall be shared on a 50%-50% basis. It is further understood and agreed that in the event of my (our) refusal or failure to consummate the purchase, the owner or vendor may at his (their) option, retain all or any part of the money herewith deposited, as full liquidated damages for such failure to carry out said agreement of sale and Seller agrees to seek no other legal remedies provided for under the law to enforce this contract to purchase.Seller does not warrant that existing fences are on property lines.




Received from (BUYER) (EARNEST MONEY DEPOSIT) to apply on the purchase price of the above described property under terms and conditions as stated above, it being hereby understood and agreed that in the event the above offer is not accepted by the owner or vendor of said premises within the time hereinafter specified, or that in the event there are any legal defects in the title which cannot be cured after the purchaser has filed or caused to be filed with us written notice of such legal defects, the money hereby paid is to be refunded. This receipt is not an acceptance of the above offer, it being understood that the above proposition is taken subject to the written approval and acceptance of the owner on or before December 8, 2001

(AGENT'S SIGNATURE) Strain Real Estate Sale, Agent



I (We) hereby accept the above purchaser's proposition on the terms above stated and agree to deliver and convey said premises and perform all the terms and conditions set forth.